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1001 Storytelling Friends on Professional Storyteller 8-9-09


In February 2008, Professional Storyteller opened. Now, we have 1001 storytellers from around the world connecting on this wonderful site. Thank you! It's time to celebrate... Share a Story - Change the World!

Dianne de Las Casas
Founder of Professional Storyteller

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Wooooo whoooooo! Let's throw a party! We love you girl... PS is the best.
YEA to all us folks out here who love to listen to a good story and also tell a good story. We are a blessed group of people who can share our passion every day. Nice to be among such an SUPER group and THANKS DIANNE! MJ
Y'all are so sweet. It IS a great group of people. I love the international flavor of site now, with members from all over the world! It's amazing how storytelling allows us to connect!





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