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Have you listened to the Art of Storytelling with Children Podcast?

The Art of Storytelling with Children podcast was begun by Brother Wolf in the spring 2007 as a way to support the art form world-wide. Every week he interviews a new person on the podcast. Each guest covers a different aspect of the art of storytelling with children. The interviews are conducted in a conference call format in which anyone is welcome to participate on the call. You are welcome to join a call or just listen online, use iTunes, or your podcasting software.

If you have listened to a show - what did you think?

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Love the podcast, I ain't crazy about the name.
I don't primarily tell to children, but I learn something valuable every episode.
And with your guest list, Eric, pretty soon you'll surpass even Dianne de Las Casas as the storytelling community's primary connector.
Tim, you're right. Eric covers EVERY topic on storytelling. He should change the name to "The Art of Storytelling." Period. I love what Eric is doing for our community. I've added him as an important resource in the updated version of The Story Biz Handbook. Eric rocks!

As I love to explain my passion for the subject matter relates to the telling to children and I choose this title to protect me from my own curiosity witch has a tendency to wander at times. Thanks for your I would ask both of you (and anyone else who is fan of the show to refer me in the iTunes directory and in the Face book fan club.

Write in iTunes directory your raving review...

If your not already a member of my face book fan club join and...
Write on the wall your raving review...

You do such a great job with your podcast! I look forward to being a guest on your show. Would you mind providing a link to my site in your recommended list on The Art of Storytelling with Children? If you visit my site, you will see that there are tons of resources, information, and links for educators, librarians, parents and storytellers. My specialty, like yours, is working with children. It's what my books and CDs are all about. :) Carry on, Brother Wolf!


P.S. Check out my blog post dated February 1, 2008 My daughter drew the "Lone Wolf" in ink. She said that if you are interested in using the art on your site, she would be glad to give you permission to use it, with accreditation. :)
The Art of Storytelling with Children podcast is the ultimate place to learn and polish the storytelling craft. Rarely can I simply listen to the podcasts and do other tasks. I have to keep both ears at attention or I could miss something amazing. Of course, the nice thing about podcasts is that they can be played over and over and over. . . .

Thank you, Eric, for all that you do!

Until we tell again,

Rachel Hedman
Thanks for the kind and true words.

Could you add your review to iTunes and the Face book group?


Eric Wolf




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