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Alright, I'm sure i"m not the only one who has ever felt this way...
Up until I had Jonah I always felt like there was one story I loved and wanted to tell, but I didn't feel like I had the right to tell.

Has anyone else had this experience? If so, what was the story and why did you feel that way?

The story I couldn't bring myself to tell was The Stolen Barin and the Sidh which I had found several variations of, and done quite a bit of research on. I think there was something about not having children and not feeling experienced in life enough to tell it.

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You're not alone. I think many of us have felt that same thing. There was a story I loved, but it was in a book, copyright and all. I didn't think I could tell it because of that. Apparently it was not a traditional folktale because I found no similar stories anywhere.

Then one day I was browsing around online, and came across a site by the son of the author of the book that had the story. So I emailed him. He emailed me right back, very pleased that I asked and said by all means please tell it. He also gave me background information for the story.

Other tales have called to me in the same way. Some I don't tell because I know someone else who tells it as a signature story; others are Native American and I tend to steer away from those as not belonging to me. It's hard to turn your back on a story that calls you, though, and always there is lingering regret.
The relationship between the teller and the story is intimate. The relationship between the teller and the audience is also intimate. When there is something in a story that is pushing me away, I try to honor that. Sometimes its not my story. Other times the story is challenging me to change something inside myself or strive to understand. When I honor these feelings, I will either end up finding another story which is right for me or I push myself to grow so I can embrace the story on the level it deserves. When I don't honor these feelings, I end up not connecting with the story or the audience.





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