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Here's a Niche that could use some storytellers: Steampunk

I note that the Salon Con (September 2008, New Jersey) is still accepting applications from performers. Anyone here tell stories in Victorian, neo-Victorian, Edwardian, or Steampunk attire?

If you're not a follower of the comic book, fantasy convention, or Burning Man scene, you may need an introduction to Steampunk.
The New York Times has just what you need, although it doesn't begin to cover the beautiful visual aspects of the movement. Link.

Photos on Flickr: Link

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woot! I'm in!
Whoa cool, would be fun! :D
Just found two more recent articles, for anyone who wants to learn more:

1. The Boston Phoenix: Link

2. A 2007 article for the New York Times that was never published: Link
Quite by accident, and because of this post, if you query "steampunk storyteller" in Google Images, my picture comes up. As the very first result.

Now I'm gonna have to go make a costume. With brass goggles. And an aviator's cap.

And grow muttonchops.

And learn some Jules Verne stories.

Oddly enough, Dianne de las Casas shows up as the second result.
Damn you Tim Ereneta! It is now my life's mission to replace you as the world's top steampunk storyteller (at least according to Google). Here is a shot of my steampunk storytelling avatar, Gilbert Sapwood, posed on the wharf in front of Subversive Vavoom's Clockwork Cafe in Second Life. (The stovepipe hat actually puffs "real" smoke, thanks to the talents of inworld artist Martini Discovolante!) Take that!

You may be more steam-powered than I, Mr. Sapwood, but that isn't a proper frock coat.
I have one of those too, it just doesn't slip on so well with the steam-powered gears. Though, on the plus side, I am my own steam-cleaning system. Reasonable rates for those who are in need...




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