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Buck has developed a serious problem with his heart. The lining around his heart is inflamed. Due to doctor's orders, he will have to have a period of complete rest, with NO phone calls. With rest and time, this should correct itself. He asked me to tell all of you that his "burning heart" finally caught on "fire". But, because of all this, he will be absent from this website for some time. If you would like to send him a message, please post it here and I'll see to it that he gets it. I'm sure he'd appreciate your prayers.

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Hi Buck

I've only talked to you over the internet, but I feel I've made a friend. Get well soon your sense of fun and enthusiasm for storytelling will be greatly missed in the meantime.


Dave Sharp
Glastonbury duo
Hearing about Buck was a shock! I will certainly be thinking positive thoughts and putting him on my person prayer list. I saw in Atlanta, Georgia last month just how big his heart is. He was larger than life when helping represent the NSN at the International Reading Convention in Atlanta. Folks there loved him. Please give him my very best regards.

Mike Lockett
My dear (new) friend,

You are in my prayers. You have touched many and now our prayers are reaching out to you. Bless you ... now shut up and get some rest.

It seems that your heart so pure
could really use a little cure
So instead of your of your next Man i cure
I am praying that you will find the cure
that makes your "man heart" pump so sure.

I can't say that it is ready to put to music, but I did owe you a poem.

Thanks for posting this. Buck has become such a vital part of the US storytelling community. Please include Buck in your prayers. He's been giving his love and effort so constantly and freely for so long, I think it's time to send some love back his way.

Buck, the hardest work of all for some is not working, so get to work and get lazy.

lots of love
Ohmagosh, Buck! See what happens when you do all those things to heat up your storytelling biz! Well, Mr. Hotstuff, your presence will be missed &, yes, my prayers go out to you. I know it's going to be tough to lay back & take it easy when you start feeling a bit better, but the 5 Things you need to be doing right now are: Rest; Follow doctor's orders; Learn from this time; Rest; & Rest some more. Now I know eventually you'll start itching to do more than that, so keep a notepad & pen nearby & jot down all the ideas you get so that you don't forget them. Eventually I trust you get to read, so those last 2 can change to Write & Read.
We'll miss you, but glad this was found out before you did something more permanent.
Just was reviewing the technology & storytelling forum topic & saw your comment about Eric's podcasts. If you have the means of listening to them & Jackie Baldwin's podcasts & the ones on Sean Buvala's site, that can be a substitute , no, make that an addition to reading. Of course if it gets you too excited, please switch to some calming music until the powersurge passes.

Rest and feel better soon! My thoughts and prayers are for your complete recovery.

Prayers and healing thoughts coming your way, Buck. This getting older stuff isn't for sissies. We'll miss your voice, but will look forward to hearing your wonderful enthusiasm again soon.
Dear Buck,

I'm sorry to hear about your problems with your heart. I know how tough it is when you can't perform. A number of years ago I had a long list of health problems which made it harder and harder for me to perform. I eventually was completely healed through Christian Science prayer. If you are interested, I would be glad to send you some information on it.

You are appreciated and cheished by the storytelling community and I will hold you in my thoughts.

Be well,


I hope you are soon feeling much better. I'm sending you warm thoughts and well wishes.

Lisa Hicks
I am so very sorry to learn of your illness. We need storytellers out there telling stories so please feel better soon. You are needed. You are wanted. You are loved.
Dear Buck,

I've been out of the loop for a while now, so when I opened the Professional Storyteller site and saw that you are taking time out to rest and heal, I thought about the kind greetings and words you have shared with others on this forum. I have been one of those people, and I'd like you to know how much I value the way you share and support everyone. Now it is time for you to receive our support and encouragement.

Take care, rest and be well soon. Know that good thoughts and many prayers are coming your way!





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