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Buck has developed a serious problem with his heart. The lining around his heart is inflamed. Due to doctor's orders, he will have to have a period of complete rest, with NO phone calls. With rest and time, this should correct itself. He asked me to tell all of you that his "burning heart" finally caught on "fire". But, because of all this, he will be absent from this website for some time. If you would like to send him a message, please post it here and I'll see to it that he gets it. I'm sure he'd appreciate your prayers.

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Sorry for the long 'quiet' - computer of mine evidently got a touch of what you seem to have....

took the box to the healing station, they took my money, lots of data I'd like to have kept, changed everything, and made me seriously consider dropping out of the entire computerized stinking universe....

i'm slowly coming back

tho't of you often over the past weeks, prayed for your healing, wisdom, peace, etc.
Lemme know -

His Richest upon you and yours,

Tom T
Dear Buck,
I wish you only peace, rest, serenity, a charge for the your heart that will allow you to come back with us with an even bigger pulse. I send prayers and good thoughts.
I am in your corner friend.
Kevin Cordi
Hi Buck, I too have been missing from the site for awhile. My health is fine but my parents have had inumerable struggles. First thing I did on coming back here was look for you! I have enjoyed and learned from our web conversations, I am hoping that time has already begun its magic on you and that the prayers of all the friends listed and even those who have said the prayers and not written are making their way to you. Heal quickly friend you are missed. Carolyn Stearns
May this time of rest unite you with the deepest peace -- and may you know how to hold that place as you return to the busy life of daily concerns! Thank you, by the way, for your kind comments to my baby/brand-new website back in April... Because of your kindness (and, admittedly, rather limited Spanish!) I became aware of you, only to read that your heart has caught fire! May you carry on with your great sense of humor.
Peace, Sara Ransom
Dear Buck,

My thoughts and healing prayers are with you for a speedy (and full) recovery! Listen to your doctor's advice and get as much R&R as you can. We all look forward to hearing from you soon with your usual FIRE and WARMTH!!

xo, Leeny
Dear Pam:

I am glad to see that Buck made it to the NSN Conference. Buck is one spitfire. I know he'll find a way to overcome. Buck is a sweet man and a good friend. I will keep him in my prayers.

It was great seeing you & hearing your story at the conference, Buck. I'm glad you are being careful not to overdo -- no easy task, I know & definitely understand. We want you with us a looooong time, Big Guy!

I do not know you, but I want to thank you for inviting me to join Professional Storyteller website. This looks like a wonderful way to connect with other tellers.

May your health improve with complete rest. Thanks again for the invitation.

God bless you!

Lynn Morgan
Dear Buck,

DO take care of yourself!!! I've sent you thoughts re. healing and strength and patience.

Your friend,
Buck found a new type of medicine for his heart.

He's getting married Friday. I hope this new fire in your heart burns for many decades to come.

Congratulations Buck and Lou.

I'm sending you many good, healthy thoughts. May you have a complete and speedy recovery!
Susan Stone
Hey Buck, I didn't know the ticker was having problems. I had heart surgery last July and even though it was successful, still leads me to believe that I am not the same since then. I hope that you have a full and complete recovery and I'll do the same on my end.




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