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I am really keen to promote the Story as Gift and Adventure concept. The idea is simple - take a biblical text, tell it and see where it leads you. Live with a bible story, imbibe it, learn it as a gift, pray over it and tell it and see what spin offs may come of it.

Then from September 12th -14th we have planned a gathering, a story retreat, where we have the opportunity to share the text we started our journey with. We will share the adventures of learning that story, and any imaginative interpretations of the text that you might have created as a result of telling it.

The highlight of the weekend will be a presentation or performance that we offer to the local community as a fundraiser for a charity of our choice.

This will be in the beautiful setting of Spring Meadow Farm near Berkhamsted in England; a beautiful location, much of it woodland, with a dry river bed (a bourne which floods every 30 years or so) running through the middle. There are many hidden delights including an Archimedean Screw, a writer's cabin, a raku pottery kiln and a newly refurbished barn with all sorts of 'green' features. It is the perfect location for our exploration of biblical story and participants are welcome to camp on site or cheap hotel accommodation can be found locally.

On the Friday night we plan to hold an informal ceilidh. The Saturday will consist of workshop sessions to further develop and deepen our tellings of the biblical stories we have been journeying with over the previous months . We will also find suitable locations at Spring Meadow Farm for the presentation of our stories. At the end of the day we will tell our stories to the listeners as part of what promises to be a very special event. On Sunday morning we will have a celebration before informal workshop sessions bring the weekend to a close.

We have six Italian storytellers, including Paola who is a member of this site who wish to join us. Here is the link to their website (in Italian)

The charge for the weekend will be £45 which will cover food and administrative costs.

Follow this link to find out more about the concept of Story as Gift and Adventure if you have not already made the commitment to this project:

If you wish to express an interest in the retreat weekend and be sent more details in due course, please email me at or respond to this post.

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