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2009 Storytelling (Un)Conference. West Coast. Let's Do This.

Given that the National Storytelling Network will not be holding a National Conference in 2009 in Los Angeles (or anywhere else, apparently)*...
let's go to Plan B:

we meet in Los Angeles anyway, without NSN.

Or San Diego. Or Oakland. Or Portland.

Who's in?

At this stage, it's a discussion. Add your thoughts, ideas, suggestions for location, format, time of year, length, etc.


* See Margaret Meyers and Jo Radner comments of July 21 and July 23 here.

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Current thinking is August 2009. Honolulu.
Details still being worked out.
Honolulu??? I thought you were shooting for Oregon! But hey, Honolulu's pretty enticing. When in August are you thinking, mate?
Aloha Tim,

Are you aware there is a Pacific Region conference in Honolulu in July? Jeff Gere is organizing it.

CAthryn Fairlee
I stand corrected, folks. Honolulu, July 2009.
I was shooting for Oregon, but Jeff Gere proved to be more organized and farther along in the planning stages, and there was no sense in attempting to compete with another Pacific Region conference.
Talk Story Conference
Pacific Rim Tellings and Beyond
July 16-19, 2009
Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawai'i

Call for Proposals for Workshops and Tellers - deadline Jan. 31, 2009
Contact Jeff Gere for more info and forms

This event will be partially sponsored by the National Storytelling Network as part of the "Year of the Regions"
Hello Everyone!

I just blocked out the dates in my calendar and will be working to make my first trip to Hawai'i a reality! Count me in. I'm excited.

Best wishes for the holiday season
Awwww NUTS! Sorry guys, but I'm gonna be telling along the Northern Tier in July. Bask in the creative glow for me, will ya (on beach, off, or both).
I would love to have a conference in San Diego, where I am based. I hear The Town and Country Resort has good rates. Hotel space and small convention space in one. San Diego would be local to the San Diego Storytellers, The LA storytellers, the many storytelling groups of LA, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, and a short hop for the Alta Vista Storytellers and all the tellers in Arizona. Of course San Fransisco would be better for the Washington and Oregon tellers. We could always see if we could team up with the LA Storytelling Festival, held in November

Wherever we get together I will do my best to be there.
Hi folks-

August 14-16, 2009

Outside In Storytellers' Retreat
Avondale AZ (Phoenix)

Mark your calendars, more to come.

(This is not the marketing workshop but rather covers all three areas of my "Outside In" theory and will be less of the hard-core business model and will have more of the retreat concept in it.)
And I might add, we'll be using a foundation of the Unconference ideas- so just about anyone can be a speaker if you want to and can raise enough interest in your subject.




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