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I'm curious to know what obstacles keep us from recording more stories. Do we fear the lengthy process? The precision involved? The cost?

On that same vein, what factors would induce you to create more recordings?

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Due to inflation I will give you my fifty cent.

I am new to storytelling but not to talking to groups of people. If I am giving a presentation to a group of sales people, I talk , project and present one way. If I were to make a cd or mp3 for some one to download, I would use a different method.

I would have to think outside the box. Who in the voice acting world can do what I want? Simple. A voice over artist that does audio books!

I would think that if this is going to be a recorded format that one or maybe two people will listen to it at one time, maybe my approach should be different.

So to change this for a story I would think the person is sitting next to me on the couch. My arm is around them and that they are my favorite nephew or niece. I would not project or talk loud. I would make it special. Just for them!

As for equipment? Allot of recording artist are recording from home now with out allot of capital invested.




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