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A two-part question for you.

1. In your opinion, the best storyteller of all time would be . . . ?


2. The rationale for your choice is . . . ?

Looking forward to your responses.

Many thanks,

Tom T

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Layne, I happily agree with you that Odds Bodkin is a GREAT GREAT Storyteller. He is definitely in my top ten. I also loved his telling of The Odyssey. Excellent voice control, musicianship, sound effects, charater voicings, yes he is spectacular.

I've not yet had the great pleasure of experiencing Odds Bodkin, though I've been intrigued by what I've seen and read of him online. I DO look forward to catching up with him one of these days

I thank you both for sharing your thoughts/opinions/evaluations/insights with the family.

Best to you,

Tom T




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