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What is your favorite activity to stimulate participation in a storytelling workshop?

Hello there. I have been storytelling for about 6 years and that is also about how long I have been presenting workshops for teachers on how to integrate storytelling, puppets, and songs into the classroom. I have an upcoming workshop that is aimed at both parents and teachers on the hows and whys of storytelling for very young children. I would love some suggestions for "warm ups" to break the ice and make my participants feel comfortable.

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Hey, Tricia -

Not sure this'll help you or anyone else, BUT, it's possible, right?

OK, then.

It's just a variation of some of what's already been suggested...

May be done as a 'group story,' or on an individual basis. "A to Z" - first sentence begins w/ "A," second sentence with a "B," etc. - it's crazy fun. Impose a time limit for completion, and the pressure is on!

2nd option: 1-2-3-4-5-6-etc. Numbers signify the number of words in the sentence. First sentence = 1 word. Second sentence = 2 words, Third sentence + 3 words.... EXAMPLE:


'Hey!' what?

How you doin'?

And so on.

Person or Group w/ the most sentences emerges victorious -

3rd option: Combine both "A to Z" AND "1-2-3-4-5-etc."

For what it's worth, there 'tis!

Be brave, try it sometime and lemme know how it goes -



We sometimes use Charades. Remember Charades? Great game. Simple rules, you can google'em, if you don't recall -

Even tho' this doesn't include absolutely everyone (as far as getting everyone up on stage, or otherwise in front of folks), it goes a long way in warming up the audience, especially if there's some sort of competition - it is almost always very, very funny!
Almost forgot: hambone

You know....folk rhythms - hamboning is great fun, easy to get the basics, but a 'lifetime' to polish - get'em started and they may not love you forever, but they'll NEVER forget you.
I am currently working on a story telling session that I hope will help on my goal for group participation. The story session is called "A Little Ha Ha". I will present different ways I had fun in the past. I will give some ideas and then I will have the kids pitch their ideas.
For example, during one segment of the story, I relate how the kids of my family were stuck in the back of the car on a very long trip. We were not in the mood for finding letters on road signs, or finding one light cars. I call the new game Comrads.
This would be geared for older kids.
The oject to to match two words that are known to be companons, but you refer to them as giving actions to one another. You play by asking such questions as:
Does your toe nail?
I'll invite the kids to think of a visual image of little toes separated from the foot, they look like floating hammors that nail, nails, into a block of wood. The toes are independent and actually hammer the nail.
Another example: Does your eye lash?
I ask the kids imagine an eye, on its own that has a whip that might snap at a lion to teach it tricks. Or the eye's lash might be a rope to lasso a bucking bronko. But its not a whole person its an eye by itself. How does the eye move around. Would the lion think the eye was a ball of yarn and want to play with it?
Does your belly button?
Does your door knob?
Does your ear lobe?
I realize I will need to give a list to get the kids in the mood of thinking of funny combinations.
then I ask them to think of some of their own.
Does your home work? How does a home.... work? Is the home alive then? What kind of work would it do? What does a house do when its tired of working?
Does your back pack?
Does your play ground?
Does your desk top? what kind of story can you tell where your school desk tops? is it like a spinning top that turns and turns? Does top mean that our desk has an ego and needs to be the top desk in what it does? What kind of personality does your desk have to be the top? explain?
For adults Comrad might include such combinations as
Does your P C? or rather does your P see? What would your PC see?
Does your break room?
Does your lap top?
Does your pay check? What does your pay, your salery check for?
I do not yet know if I'm going down the right track on this, but this is something I'm developing. Maybe there are pitfalls that I am not aware of yet, that could trip this teller up.
The second thing is to have kids tell corny jokes in class. The better the groan by everyone else in the class, the better the joke. I would give a prize to the best corny joke that is given. I'm thinking of a paper crown made of tin foil as a visual device.
Anyway those are some ideas I'm playing with.




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