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I am interested in how you found out out about this site. Let's hear it!

Dianne de Las Casas
Author & Award-Winning Storyteller
Founder of Professional Storyteller

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I was, like Joerg invited by Mats Rehnman, and I am very glad for it!
I have been looking for a community for storytellers and was even proposing to Mats that we should start one when he said that someone already did, Thankyou Dianne!

I think this will be a great tool for sharing stories and discussing all the different aspects of the artform and profession...
Hi Dianne!

Storyteller Sue Black clued me in to this site because of the Ghost Storyteller group...right up my alley! As a matter of fact, you were the one, Dianne, who christened me "America's Ghost Storyteller" at that wild party in Karen Wollshied's room at Northlands a few years back. At the time I thought it was kinda corny, but by golly, people remember it!

Hope all's going well with you, Dianne. Thanks for providing this site, it looks great!
I've seen the Professional Storyteller badge on a number of storyteller websites.
It just to me awhile to get around to joining but I glad I did!
Hello Diana
I found my way to this storytelling planet in cyber space through a forward from our storytelling guild. one of your members recommended it I am, looking forward to many hours researching and making new friends. (even found some old ones!)
hugs and peace
Hello: I´m from Argentina, I was looking in a web site of educators and there it was this incredible link, so here I am, sorry if You don´t understand my english, I´ll trie with a translate page, thanks
Glad you are all here! Welcome!

Dianne de Las Casas
Founder of Professional Storyteller
Well, actually i was doing research about a german storyteller in google and saw that he is member of professional storyteller. So I checked it out, signed up - my first internet-network I signed up.......and I am happy about it. Gives me the possibility to get in contact with people all over the world and with storytellers in US. Thanks to all who installed this network!!
regards from Uschi
Searching online
Thanks for everything, I have Story Biz book and it helps considerably.

Monica Ladd

I found out about this blog from YouTube after I watched Diane's video.

Clare Murphy invited me. Possibly more than once. :-)
While looking up storytellers in KS happened to see your web site...then, went to YouTube to watch you and, frankly, I was enchanted with your style with children...then back to your web site and happened to see this site! Ah~awe, as I are such an inspiration to me as a beginner, novice and hopeful to be professional! Thank you for your encouragement Dianne!
Thank you all for your kind words. I hope you enjoy the site. We are nearly 1200 strong now! Happy Tales to You!

Dianne de Las Casas
Author & Storyteller
Founder of Professional Storyteller




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