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I am interested in how you found out out about this site. Let's hear it!

Dianne de Las Casas
Author & Award-Winning Storyteller
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I wanted to create a place where professional storytellers could "hang out" in a professional yet fun environment, a place where we could come to share ideas, lean on each other for support, and build camaraderie and community. I look forward to hearing about how you found this site - through a friend, through NSN, through, through Tim Ereneta, through STORYTELL, from an invitation by me?

I would like for more professional storytellers to join the site so that we can really make an impact. Please invite your friends too!

Dianne de Las Casas

I saw your notice on storytell, immediately checked it out, then immediately signed on - it's grown so quickly, even I am excited at the prospects, so I can imagine how pleased you must be.

I thoroughly enjoy seeing the faces of lots of folks I've "met" thru storytell, and their blogs and discussions are informative, entertaining, revealing, moving and, sometimes, laugh-out-loud funny - it is very encouraging.

I'm happy that I was/am member #7, if we're counting in sequence - makes me look like a perty smart cookie - I mean, this site is awesome and is getting bigger'n better all the time. So, congratulations on a significant contribution to our storytelling world - as Minnie Pearl was wont to say, "I'm jus so proud to be heah!"

Keep on keepin' on, Kiddo -

"You'da Man!" (......erhmmmmm - you know what I mean, right? Has nothing to do w/ you and Buck's video, it's just a saying that . . . OK, look - if it's a problem, have your people contact my people and we'll go from there......)

Again, and sincerely, Congrats - this is Huge!

Tom T
Dear Tom and Buck:

You are both so kind. I am just glad that y'all joined the party! I look forward to seeing this site grow and seeing how storytellers can take advantage of its platform. Glad to see you both took the initiative to start a group and that you are embracing the technology. So many storytellers are afraid of change - afraid of something new. That's why there are only 57 people here instead of 357!! There should be so many more flocking to this site. I mean it's FREE! But really, I am tickled that y'all see the value in it. Please tell your friends! Let's share and grow some more!


Dianne; You know how I got here... you invited me and that made me so happy. I have wanted to meet you for quite some time. Lots of reasons, I think good ones. Time will tell, if I can make a contribution or not, I love what you have done here. Given a platform for others to meet and greet. I love inclusion, this is a good thing that you have made and Storytellers are hungry for just such a environment. Thank you again... really.

If you have ever seen a prarie wild fire then you know how quickly it can spread. I found out about this site through "Buck" Creasy and I have invited several others to join as well. Thanks for the site it is very user friendly and I enjoy adding to it as well as reading about the other tellers some whom I have told with and others I would like to tell with.


Buck is a terrific guy and a big fan of the site. We're only a month old and up to 70 members! It's a great place to share thoughts, ask for help, and upload files, pictures, video and audio.

Glad you are enjoying the site.

Rachel invited me at the Timpanogos Storytelling Conference :)
Such a great site!
I am really glad you are here. Welcome.. these are really neat people.

I knew you'd love this site. If you like it now, wait in a month or so. Can you imagine how it will grow by then?

Until we tell again,

Rachel Hedman
Rachel emailed me about this site, and I loved it the second I logged on!

Glad you are enjoying the site! Happy Tales to You!





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