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I am interested in how you found out out about this site. Let's hear it!

Dianne de Las Casas
Author & Award-Winning Storyteller
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Hi Dianne,
I was Googling when I happened upon your site. I was just wondering around looking for part-time jobs...came upon Baby Boomers and Careers and there you were listed among 75 careers. I'm trying hard NOT to go back to my former career (special needs teacher) and use instead my artistic skills in a meaningful way. eija
I joined professioinal storytellers after a class called
creativityunwrapped by dr virginia Green. A art special needs teacher is in our class and she is making purses out of taking this class, I am writing a story and better at telling
others are doing things...I related to your email because I could not imagine my art with special needs kids I'l be clueless. Lynne Pope
Lynn Pope sent me an invite.
Hello Dianne,

I learned about this site through the invitation of David Joe Miller. After several weeks' time lapsed, I took time to check it out and was blown away by what I found. Wow, there's so much here that I never have time to see it all. It's so exciting to watch it grow.

Kudos to you for creating this fantastic site!

Blessings, Sylvia
Hello Dianne,
You sent me an e-mail, I believe in March, inviting me to join. I flagged your message to come back and take a closer look when I had more time. (I know this must be eliciting some serious eye rolls to anyone reading it!) But then, about a week ago, Susi Wolf, a storytelling friend in New Mexico started raving about what a great site this was. So, since I was in the middle of an article deadline and had other assignments piling up, I decided to stop everything and take a look. She was right--it is a fantastic site! It will be exciting to see how this develops.
Dianne you have created a networking site that networks!
I found out about the site on the LANES list-serve from Norah Dooley.
Norah is the techno-artistic mentor to the masses. New England would be full of Techno Peasants without a clue if it were not for Norah and her co-horts Stu and Doria.

Thanks again for creating this place
Learnin' Vernon
Dianne, I found out about this site from Tim Lowry. I'm just now getting into learning more about it and hope to get to know more people. Thank you for creating this place where we can be of help to each other. Janet
Hello, Dianne and everyone else. I hear about this delightful site from two individuals - Buck Creacy and Rachel Hedman. Please know I am glad I joined it. It is so well organized that it is easy to respond to. Thanks for providing this site and allowing others to share it with you. Mike Lockett
I got to and from there to you !
That means i got there through Google!!
its seems like a wonderful network of people. I am new to this field, but passionately believe in the power of stories. I am glad to have come across this network from which i know i am going to benefit tremendously.
I googled "storytelling youtube" because I recently began posting videos of my work, and I came across the discussion thread about YouTube on this site.
Hello Dianne and all,

I'm so pleased to be part of this network. I heard about the site through Vancouver Storytellers. Lynne Duddy posted an invitation to Pacific Northwest tellers.

I love that the site is interactive and has so many useful features. Congrats, Dianne, on your good idea blossoming so quickly. I look forward to getting to know you all.

Happy Olympic Summer!
Who, as a little girl, trained for the equestrian team on a pig farm. But that's another story...

I recently received an e-mail invitation from Buck Creacy to join. Looking for ways to network and have discussions with other storytellers, this seemed like a wonderful way to begin. Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool to connect storytellers!

Lynn Morgan




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