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What kind of topics would you like to see discussed on the Story Biz blog?


What kinds of topics about the business of storytelling would you like to see addressed in the Story Biz blog (which will be posted every Monday)? Thanks!

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I would love to see some advice on the different things to look for when making your first CD. What are some common mistakes made? How can you make the most professional product possible on a limited any other advice for a novice???

Okay... You got it!


The Story Biz Blog is now up, featuring an article on "Recording A Storytelling Audio." I hope this helps!

I will most definitely check that out...great suggestion! Thanks ever so much! Is there any further advice that you would give in adding songs to the CD? I am sending you a big hug through cyberspace -- can you feel it??


I have songs on my CDs. They add a nice transition between stories. It helps if your CD has an overall theme. For example "Buggy About Tales and Tunes" could be stories and songs about Bugs. I also have musical intros and outros for each story. In addition, I have songs within all my stories. Check out "The Tortoise and the Hare" audio on the main page. It's from my Jump, Jiggle & Jam CD. Best wishes!

For a limited time, I am making the mp3 of our CD Making teleconference available:

at this link.

Download it now, I will change the link soon.
Thanks Sean... I will download this TODAY. You are the BEST.... I appreciate all that you do for all of us out here in cyberspace!!


Are you in the process of making your first CD? I am, and just thought we could support each other through the process if you are.


Thank you for all this great information. I had listened to this teleconference some time ago, but it was good to be refreshed on the whole CD making process. I am in the process right now of making my first CD. Buck Creacy is producing it for me. I'll go to the studio to record the second week of May.

Hey there, I got a workshop I did for the Kentucky Storytelling Association Annual Conference called

"So you want to make a CD?" It covers a lot of the stuff that I went through and some folks said it was helpful. I need to find the story biz blog..;. Miss Dianne, where did you hide it? Pat, or anyone, if you want a copy of my little workshop... I will send it to you.
I'd love a copy of your workshop....that would be fabulous! I need to get my "ducks in a row" and teach them how to quack in tune if you know what I mean. Thanks ever so much for the offer!


write me an email so that I can attach a file and send it back to you. Here is my home email.

Looking forward to your note.





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