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What kind of topics would you like to see discussed on the Story Biz blog?


What kinds of topics about the business of storytelling would you like to see addressed in the Story Biz blog (which will be posted every Monday)? Thanks!

Dianne de Las Casas
Author & Award-Winning Storyteller
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Author of The Story Biz Handbook: Managing Your Storytelling Business from the Desk to the Stage (Libraries Unlimited; Fall 2008)

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Hey, Buck -

I would very mch like a "copy of (your) little workshop" -
Is it still available?
Has the price changed?
My peeps're waiting to hear from your peeps - thanks!

Hello Tom..

No problem.. I will send to you after I sleep.

Good night

Thanks, Buck -

Man, I was getting all excited looking at this discussion - you know, responding in my head, "Yeah, me, too!" - "Put me down for that." - "Right - THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!" - "HEY, I'd like to be included." ... and, I was getting ready to respond to everybody, and then I noticed the dates of these exchanges . . . right . . . 6 weeks ago . . . he said sadly. . . SIX weeks ago -

I'm gonna have to quit my day job to stay up w/ this site . . . .

Hey I will send you the booklet. tell me something do you have DSL connection? Cause this sucker is a big file.... otherwise I have to pare it down by cuttng out pictures and stuff. you tell me, and I will send. Just send me an email the regular email at and I will send you the file.


Hey, Buck -

Sorry, I've been away for a bit - I think I mentioned I'd really appreciate a copy of your workshop on making a CD - if I didn't, pls consider this is a new, first, official request - thanks!

Hey, Buck -

I know you've been busy, so - when you get the time....

still haven't received your workshop info - got an email, and a reference to it, but no actual attachment of the workshop ....

this is not a whine, not a complaint, just a gentle observation from a pal...thanks
I would like to know how to add stories (audio) and video to a website. Maybe explore all the technological nuances coming to storytelling.

Story Hugs,

Okay. You're next in line... LOL

Next Monday's Story Biz Blog will be about promoting audios. I'll tackle it the following Monday.

I guess this is the way of the world in this the 21st century. I have done quite a bit of research into the modern forms with my grand children. Stories on video, isn't this the same as showing a film. Then there is audio, my five year old grand-daughter listens to records I have with different stories and rhymes on it, early 1970's I think. She thinks they are different but she asks was there a book to go with it, so she could read the words and look at the pictures while listening. This however would be good for the braille users but not here on the computer. Anyone remember the cassettes we used to be able to buy and as you listened to the tape you could follow them and it even told you when to turn over. There are an awful lot of e-books available everywhere, so far I have resisted putting them on my websites, do I want to, No I don't. My friend Dadadzi has a wonderful story place on line in India, but it is now all e-books and it makes me sad.

I've been away for a long while, I'd like to add my  contribution to the discussion about accessibility for blind. The fact is, blind people (in particular children) prefer to read on the computer than in braille. Of course, websites must be optimized for the purpose of being read by these special computers. It's no big deal to optimize them, I did this to my websites, in particular to As to e-books, I agree that it is sad, but it is the way of the 21st century. I also adapted to it, almost all of my books are published digitally, most of them are even e-books only. And I'm having a much bigger success than with paperback, a few of them are in the TOP 100 of their categories in different Amazon sites, which was never the case of the paperback versions. The readers have different mentalities, they are not so much influenced by the publisher's brand or by the librarians opinions. Readers of e-books are more aware of how things work in the publishing world, they usually don't follow the big names branded by the media, they are much more free in their choices, and this was only possible due to the digital era. Of course, if you ask me if I prefer paperback  to e-books, my reply is "paperback", but I belong to another generation though I had to adapt myself to the world of technology we live in. And in some aspects of our lives it can be rewarding. Without the new technologies we could not easily get in touch with each other as we do, no matter the place where we are at the moment.

I would like you to take us with you on gig. From booking to day of show - sort of a list of activities that lead up to success on one particular small and unimportant gig. Including followup.

I already know how I do it - I would like to know what systems you have in place for the daily in's and out's of running your multiple performance venues.

Dianne - I want to thank-you again for creating this community.
I love that idea....everyone out here in storytelling land would certainly benefit from that. What a great suggestion!!




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