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Hello everyone,

Our storytelling group (Blether Tay-gither) are in the process of designing a logo.
Just wondered if anyone had any good ideas or examples of storytelling logos.
Is there a really simple way of explaining what storytelling is through a simple graphic?

Any comments or suggestions would be fantastic,

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Hi Debbie,

You pose a most challenging question, one puzzling many festival organizers. How do you condense into one image everything that storytelling is? In my admittedly scant investigation the best I've found is the old man used for the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. The Mesa Storytelling Festival embraced one that attempted to portray a spinning imagination, but despite its valiant effort, something is still missing.

I wonder if an old, carved, wooden chair wouldn't help capture the idea. What have you conjured up so far, Debbie?

Hi Layne,

Thanks for your thoughts. So far I haven't come up with anything - I have managed to find a graphic design student who is sketching up some ideas.
He has drawn so far a image of someone standing and gesturing over seated group of people, which is quite evocative.

I like the idea of an old wooden story chair, but wonder if that would encapsulate story without at least one person in the image.
In fact, the current Google homepage seems quite 'story' looking - or fairytale inspired at any rate.

Another image I adore (and have framed in my home) is one by artist Greg Olsen. It has similar themes. You can find larger versions by googling Greg Olsen fairy tale in "images." Here's an example.
You can see the logo that we decided for the Utah Storytelling Guild.

USG Logo final - side by side.pdf

We chose not to use a graphic or image. However, from the font you can see that there is emphasis on the "S" for "Storytelling". We wanted a professional yet creative feel.

We could always add a picture or image when we put on events and then place our logo with the poster or flier. Events are more graphic-based. Organizations are more word-based.

Rather than a random list of images, how about you brainstorm what moods or feelings you want from the logo? Think of who is in your group. What are your personalities? Do you specialize in certain tales?

Also, you want your logo unique so copying other images is not recommended, especially if it is already being used in the storytelling community!

For example, the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival has the image of the old man so it would be strange for any other storytelling event to have an image close to it. This is not to say no one else could depict an old man--just not too close to what Timp does.

The Weber State University Storytelling Festival has an image of an old man. This festival is located in Utah, too! However, we are in process of changing the logo so we have our own image. We looked at the types of stories normally told at the event. Since we have over 70 youth tellers plus the 4 national tellers, there are many children picture books and literary tales shared. We need to have a more youthful, colorful, and modern art feel.

Have fun with the logo! Feel free to take your time as a rushed logo is often a bad logo. You want something that--when you see it--makes you say, "Ah! That represents us!"

Until we tell again,

Rachel Hedman
Thanks for the suggestions and links.
Rachel, really like your design - it's very clean and simple.
Layne - thanks for the Greg Olsen link - it's very rich and evocative.

Once we've got a finished logo I'll post it here to let you see the results!
I've always liked this black and white image because it encompasses the audience, the story, and the teller:

Unfortunately, I can't recall who the designer was. (Google used to take me right to his/her portfolio... but this image is travelling now and shows up on random people's pages)
Yes, that's one of my favourites too! I like it because it shows that the listeners are all ages and the fact that you can see the story.
Thanks for posting it.
What a great topic....makes you really think about the essence of the telling and receiving. I use a tree for my work.....roots, trunk, spreading branches that all evolve from a the wind, caught on an, bird poo!! But you get the drift! Good luck.
Not a bad image, here, Tim. I know most "branding" suggests something that gives an immediate read . . . like the coca-cola sign, or Toyota, or . . . yeah, I know you know what I'm talking about. I've yet to find just the right image that captures storytelling in one quick glance. Even Dale's image, nice as it is, doesn't give me the instant impression of storytelling. Knowing the rational behind it you can say, "uh huh . . ." but otherwise I would never get storytelling just looking at it. Guess we got our work cut out for us, not just festival organizers, but the storytelling community at large. It would be nice to create an immediately recognizable image we could all attach to our portfolios. Hmmm . . .

Storytellers of Canada-Conteurs du Canada use a version of the World Tree/Tree of Life
Hi Debbie,

Hello from Concord, NH in the USA. My guild has a logo designed by the artist daughter of one of the guild members. The artist drew the stones; one of the guild members suggested we add the words. We use it on everything: our website, advertising flyers, programs, etc.

If this doesn't work, go directly to our website

Miss Darcy
Central New Hampshire Storytellers Guild




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