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Hello everyone,

Our storytelling group (Blether Tay-gither) are in the process of designing a logo.
Just wondered if anyone had any good ideas or examples of storytelling logos.
Is there a really simple way of explaining what storytelling is through a simple graphic?

Any comments or suggestions would be fantastic,

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We once used this for an International storyteller conference held in Germany in 2004.

All best

During a school residency, a student gave me a picture which really "said it" for me: seated at his desk, he was imagining the same scenes I described in the story! I got his permission to post it on my Webpages

Images which show a speaker gesturing to a crowd could cover any type of speechmaking. I like the ones which show the listener's "movie of the mind".

Bit of a delayed update to all your helpful comments. We've finally got our logo finished (there was a lot of discussion and debate amongst us) and I've put it below to let you see the final result.

Thank you for all your suggestions!




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