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With the waters of the earth under increasing pressure from climate change and pollution, I use storytelling in Galway Atlantaquiria to reawaken our wonder and appreciation of the deep blue ocean with tales of adventure, sorrow, rebellion and magic.

The Living book of the Sea started on the Saturday 7th of September and will take place every saturday until the end of the month. This is the pilot project. If it succeeds as a educational tool, then it will be expanded in 2020.

Tags: #education, #explorers, #folklore, #giants, #history, #marinelife, #myth, #saints, #seastories, #storytelling

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Exciting project, Rab.  May it expand as hoped.  Please keep us updated.

Thanks Lois, it needs a little tweaking but seems to be working well. I'll keep you updated.

All the best





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