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Buck Creacy asked that we share this information with all of you. First and foremost, a huge and heartfelt thanks for the outpouring of support, verbally, spiritually and financially. He has been overwhelmed by this communities caring spirit and generosity; he is so very grateful.
The police did finally come  yesterday to fingerprint everything and take pictures. He said, "It wasn't CSI but they did a good job." He estimates he lost $18,000.00 plus worth of equipment; all of his monitors, six in all, are gone but he did salvage four microphones. They weren't the high end items but eat least he has something and is buying one monitor  today. The acoustics will not be the same, and may never be, but he is beginning anew.  He hopes to have a recording up tonight and hopes you will tune in.
Here is the link to the radio show that is still out on the airwaves. I am listening to Judith Black right now:
If you want to donate here is his address and the Paypal information.
Buck P. Creacy
Aslan Productions
A World of Storytelling Radio
1800 Switzer Road
Stamping Ground, Kentucky 40379

Go to PayPal and enter: as the receiving address. (Of course the AT should become @ when you search on Paypal)
With thanks to a wonderful community,
Simon Brooks and Karen Chace

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