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Call for Storytellers to Participate in Tellabration Skype Videoconferences with Storyteller in India

Dear Storytellers,


This coming weekend (Friday 19 Nov, Saturday 20 Nov,
and Sunday 21 Nov), I will be celebrating the annual
storytelling Tellabration ( ) by
participating in a number of Skype storytelling videoconferences
from my home/office in Chennai (on India's southeast coast).

Please let me know if you (alone or with others)
might be interested in joining me in one of these
Skype videoconferences.

India time is presently 10.5 later than USA East Coast
time (13.5 hours later than USA West Coast time) --
but I am an up-all-night sort of person (and I will
especially be so this coming weekend,) so finding a
time when we could meet would be easy.

I often conduct Storytelling Workshops via Skype
videoconference -- so I know it to be a perfectly
good medium for storytelling.

Skype videoconferencing is limited in that it allows
only two sites to participate, and the quality is not
Internet2 level (the quality depends in part on the
Internet speeds of the two sites involved), but it is
an excellent medium for practicing videoconferencing.

Perhaps in the future we could organise storytelling
events over more high-quality, professional videocon-
ferencing systems.

In case one does not yet have Skype on one's
computer, one can download it for free at , .
The only other things one needs are a camera,
and a broadband Internet connection.

For these Skype storytelling Tellabration videoconferences,
I will probably be the only participant on the India
side. Although I live in the very exotic locale of
Chennai (on India's southeast coast), I am a very
non-exotic New Yorker, who has re-settled in Chennai.

I could tell a traditional (East) Indian story or two,
such as a folktale, legend, epic, or myth. A Skype
videoconference partner could tell any traditional
stories he/she might like.

I suppose we could also tell some "personal-experience
narratives" in the course of the videoconference.
Some "tall tales" might be fun.

These Skype videoconferences might last around

I am thinking that there would be no recordings, or
relayed transmissions, of these videoconferences --
they would just be conversations, just for fun.

By the way, I am a folklorist, trained at the Folklore
Program of the U. of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia): ,

In academia I am helping to develop the inter-disciplinary
field, Storytelling Studies.

One of my fields of study is micro-behavior (socio-linguistics
and socio-kinetics) in videoconferencing. I use the knowledge
gained to design educational and performance videoconferences
that feature optimal ease and fullness of communication.

My recently-completed PhD dissertation --
"Ethnographic Videoconferencing, as Applied to
Songs/Chants/Dances/Games of South Indian Children,
and Language Learning" -- is at .
The abstract is at .

My Life Narrative is at ,
and my CV is at .

Many thanks again!

- Eric

Eric Miller, PhD

Director, World Storytelling Institute (Chennai)

Assistant Professor of Story and Storytelling,
Image College of Animation, Arts, and Technology
(Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad)

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