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Hi All,

I'm writing on behalf of a friend who wrote saying, "I'm looking for a CD and guitar songbook collection of kids' folksongs: appalachian sort of thing that you'd hear in O Brother Where Art Thou, though not necessarily the songs from the movie itself. Any ideas/websites come to mind?"

Anyone have suggestions I could forward to this friend? Thanks in advance, everyone!


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Good morning! Probably the most comprehensive folksong book available is "Rise Up Singing" containing 1200 songs, including a children's section. Since there are so many songs, a single CD is not available, obviously, but you may purchase the CD from the section of the book that you need with only a portion of each song to demonstrate the tune, with a brief explanation of what guitar chords you need to use for each song. The song book is only 15 dollars and spiral bound. It is totally worth the purchase price. Many of the songs not tagged for kids can still be used for everyone. Each CD (purchased separately) is also around $!5. I will look through my collection to see what else might be a good folksong recommendation.
A good website is They have a monthly newsletter and will send songsheets each month to download on your computer. If you collect them each month, you will have a songbook for kids. The newsletter just keeps getting better and better with ideas and tips you can use if you work with kids on a regular basis.

Hope this helps!

Tricia, you're a goldmine! Scott was elated with your recommendation. Thanks!

Aw, shucks!




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