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Compiling a Resource List of Storytellers on Facebook and Twitter


If you would like to be listed in my resource list of storytellers on FB and Twitter, please reply with your website address, Facebook address (i.e., and your Twitter name (i.e., @storyconnection). You can also email me at My website gets 3 million hits a year and is one of the highest ranking storytelling websites on the net. I will also list the storytellers here and periodically update the list. I will reply with an example to follow.

Dianne de Las Casas
Founder of Professional Storyteller
Author of The Story Biz Handbook (Libraries Unlimited, 2008)

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Hi Diane!

Thanks for doing this.

W:  -- I think you already have this.

More recently I've been doing FB:!/pages/Midnight-Storytellers-UK-Chloe

If relevent, my blog started October 2010 at:

** I'm campaigning against service cuts to libraries throughout my English county of Gloucestershire. National budget cuts have led Gloucestershire County Council to propose 43% yes forty three per cent cuts to library services, notably in areas where rural poverty is genuine. Rural transport is ineffective so access to library books and services is about to become impossible for young families and the increasing population of older people. GCC is stonewalling protests - apparently, anyone who is a campaigner is 'not a member of the public' ! and they can ignore our views. Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries is one of many groups across the UK deeply worried about the impact of library cuts, especially long term.


Kind regards and best wishes for 2011, Chloe of the Midnight Storytellers.




Hi Dianne...yes, please add me to your FB page.

best wishes,

Michael Williams

Stuart Nager





Thanks Dianne. What about blogs?


I see where you went to Guam in 2008 I used to live there.  We met at Wildacres years ago, I am a yat from d 9th ward. 

Please list my contact information;


Mij Byram


Painint Images in Your Mind


for advertising in NSN Storytelling Magazine contact me at or 561-504-2616

You can list me too.


Robin E. Kitson

Stories that Polish Your Heart!!/profile.php?id=514632972

I believe my twitter name is KevinCordi (no spaces)





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