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Compiling a Resource List of Storytellers on Facebook and Twitter


If you would like to be listed in my resource list of storytellers on FB and Twitter, please reply with your website address, Facebook address (i.e., and your Twitter name (i.e., @storyconnection). You can also email me at My website gets 3 million hits a year and is one of the highest ranking storytelling websites on the net. I will also list the storytellers here and periodically update the list. I will reply with an example to follow.

Dianne de Las Casas
Founder of Professional Storyteller
Author of The Story Biz Handbook (Libraries Unlimited, 2008)

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Hi there

Web address

Dale Gilbert Jarvis
T: @DaleJarvis

and the Twitter Feed for the 2010 Storytellers of Canada Conference: @sccc2010
Denis Gessing
Howdy! And thanks, Dianne.
Enjoyed our extended visit online AND look forward to seeing you 11am Sat Dec 5th, Aud Zoo, New Orleans, LA, for telling in the Louisiana Swamp Exhibit !

FB :

TW : or

W :
Hi Dianne,

Fantastic idea! Yes, I'd love to be included!

Sylvia Payne

Thanks! Please list:

Yvonne Healy
I'd love to be added but I don't have twitter.

Here are my other addresses and/or sites

Lisa Hicks
Lisa, you may like to know what I only just figured out myself: how to create a neat Facebook username, e.g.
or even ?
Please read information about how to do this here:
Oh Cool!! Thank you!!
Jodi Ann
T: @Jodi_Ann_Music

I do music too :)
Would you please list the Narrative Arts Club in your resource list?

Narrative Arts Club

Please note that the Narrative Arts Club and the Facebook persona named Narrative Arts are collective identities, not mine personally. The Oh-Aissieux is the director of the Narrative Arts Club, but I am not my club, and it is not me. I would rather promote my club than myself individually.

Thanks in advance,




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