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Compiling a Resource List of Storytellers on Facebook and Twitter


If you would like to be listed in my resource list of storytellers on FB and Twitter, please reply with your website address, Facebook address (i.e., and your Twitter name (i.e., @storyconnection). You can also email me at My website gets 3 million hits a year and is one of the highest ranking storytelling websites on the net. I will also list the storytellers here and periodically update the list. I will reply with an example to follow.

Dianne de Las Casas
Founder of Professional Storyteller
Author of The Story Biz Handbook (Libraries Unlimited, 2008)

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Neat website. These are good rules for a club that wants to ensure consistency, coherence and quality:
# You need to have attended before you can perform.
# We ask you to attend the events’ rehearsal.

It might be helpful for visitors stumbling on your site to mention near the top of your About page just where in the world your show is held - e.g. "Bawdy Storytelling is a monthly storytelling event that _takes place in San Francisco and_ features real people ..."
Thanks so much for the feedback, Coilin.
I have been asked numerous times what city hosts our events, and now, per your advice, we're adding it to our home page.
I'm rewriting the entire website right now, as we're moving from html to WordPress so that we can make brainstorming themes, posting events and more that much more timely and easy to do.
If you have any other advice, now's the time! And again, Thanks for your comments.

Dixie De La Tour
Hello Dianne

I'd love to be listed please. website address is

many thanks

Thanks Dianne

T: @brendannolan
I now have a facebook page as well and a YouTube channell, as follows


thank you
Hiya Dianne,

Thanks very much,

Victoria Parsons
T: @taletime
Dianne: Thanks Much, Denis

I'd love to be included in your list
my website is
Hi Dianne,
I'd like to be listed, please: Harandon


Mark Harandon




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