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I was asked the other day if I had any Valentine's Day Ghost Stories. I told them I had a couple of dead lovers (or deadly lovers) if they would like. But they wanted a ghost story about Valentine's Day. Do you have or know of any?
Many thanks
Daniel Bishop, the Storyteller

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You could also try the book "Haunted Hearts" by Barbara Smith, published by Lone Pine
Thanks for all the great info.
Daniel Bishop, the Storyteller
Dan: I have a story about the time that I saved a ghost from an eternity of being lost and living in the desolate wilderness. She was beautiful and I quickly fell in love with her. It wasn't until I had sent her back to her home in Tennessee that I realized that she was no longer living and hadn't been among the living for over a hundred years, when I rescued her. According to a tear eyed young lady from the audience, it was the most beautiful love/ghost story she had ever heard and she knew it was true. Since its my story, I guess your just going to have to hear it from the horses mouth someday. It's called "So Long". I've posted another Ghost Story, a personal experience on the website, @ Owl Woman is more of a love your land and love your people kind of ghost story. If you've got a minute,'s another one of my True - Stories.
The Legend of the Smashed Bananas -- a love story.

When Charles and Sarah married, their parents built them a handsome red brick house on Ellsworth Street in Naperville, Illinois. He owned a successful hardware store, and they raised three wonderful children. But when Sarah died after a short illness, Charles was devastated. After the service and burial, Charles found himself alone in the house built for their love, seated across the kitchen table from where they had shared many a meal...and they say that's when his mind SNAPPED. It occurred to him the real reason why Sarah was dead -- she hadn't had anything to eat for days! Lying on that slab in the morgue, and then that long hot memorial service without even one of the lousy cookies from the funeral wonder she was dead, she was hungry! If he could just feed her something, why, she'd be just fine!

At the stroke of midnight, Charles took his wheelbarrow, lantern and shovel, went to the cemetery and dug up Sarah's grave. He took her home through town in the wheelbarrow, sat her at her usual place at the kitchen table, and thought, "Hmmmm. What would a corpse want to eat?" His eye landed on a fruit basket that a neighbor brought for the grieving widower, and in there was a bunch of ripe, sweet bananas. Perfect! He smashed one up and spooned it gently into her gaping, open mouth. At first it didn't work so well since it just slid out her mouth and onto her best blouse. But then he figured out that if he just put the banana waaaaay back down her throat, tip the chair back, and give it a little SHAKE...well, that banana would slide down slick as you please! After feeding her the better part of a whole banana, he cleaned her up, and then, because they'd both had quite an exciting day with the funeral and all, he picked her up in his arms and carried her up the stairs like he did when she was his bride...OK, so he had trouble getting her up the stairs, bumping her feet against the bannister, bumping her head against the wall, huffing and puffing, his steps heavy on the stairs...but he finally got her upstairs. He laid her down on her usual side of the bed and climbed in with her, spooning her, trying to warm her cold, dead flesh with his warm, living body. (YEEEEEUUUUCCHH!)

Imagine the shock of their grown children when they came by the next day to check up on dear old dad and they found...dear old mom!...sitting at her usual spot at the kitchen table, with dad feeding her a spoonful of smashed bananas then tipping the chair back and giving it a little SHAKE so the banana would slide right on down slick as you please...utterly convinced that she was starting to show signs of life. Needless to say, mom ended up back in the cemetery where she belonged, and dad ended up in a nice private room with soft, padded wallpaper where he belonged.

But they say...that every since that strange night...anyone who lives in that house will be awakened in the dead of night by the sound of heavy footsteps coming up the stairs...bumping against the wall, bumping against the bannisters, almost as if it were carrying something very heavy -- yet very precious -- in his arms.

A Naperville, Illinois legend based on a true (yes, true!) account. Credit Diane Ladley, "America's Ghost Storyteller"
Than is the stuff. It has an "Annabel Lee" kind of feel to it. Spooning the dead.
Thank you.
Daniel Bishop, the Storyteller




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