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I was asked the other day if I had any Valentine's Day Ghost Stories. I told them I had a couple of dead lovers (or deadly lovers) if they would like. But they wanted a ghost story about Valentine's Day. Do you have or know of any?
Many thanks
Daniel Bishop, the Storyteller

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You might want to look around the St. Valentines Day Massacre. There is some folklore around's the begining of the movie Some LIke it Hot. There might be something there.
Mobster violence is frightening. (I never understood how such a funny movie could start and end with such violent images.) I have never heard of any ghosts attached to the St. Valentines Day Massacre though. Can you direct me to a source or do you know any of the folklore?
Daniel Bishop, the Storyteller
The site of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre is on some Chicago Ghost Tours, but I don't know what happens on those tours. One more thought--also from a movie---Picnic at Hanging Rock--which ends with the mysterious disappearance, happened Feb 14, 1900. I don't know if it's based on anything.
Chicago Ghost Tours and Picnic at Hanging Rock, Thanks I will look into those.
that was too funny...deadly lovers or dead lovers.......have you tried the listings of Grey Ladies or phantoms of the forests...or the one that adults like of a courtesan with a small red velvet ribbon around her cuts thru quite a few ethnic backgrounds....the most scarey are the Japanese versions...or the one about the pheasant and the old is a wonderful study in love for Valentine's day and one that might match you
I know a lot to "Gray Ladies" but I don't know of one that is a lover, just nurses and teachers. I don't know "Phantoms of the Forest" can you elaborate, that sound intriguing. The ribbon around the lady's neck is fun. The Japanese have some fun versions, but my favorite is "The Adventures of the German Student" by Washington Irving.
Please tell me the Pheasant and the Old Bell. (or give me a reference for it) it sounds like a good one.
Thank you for your help
Daniel Bishop, the Storyteller">

I found this... but I don't know of any off the top of my head.
That is a good start. I will have to look into the history of that train/schedule/station to see if I can find the rest of the story (or at least one that matches). Or I may have to make a match out of other story parts I have laying around.
Thank you for the lead.
Daniel Bishop, the Storyteller
The guy that does a lot of the ghost tours up there (Chicago, Alton, etc.) is a friend of mine and is the one publishing my book. He's written over 50 haunted history books - several on that area. His name is Troy Taylor and he is a wealth of information on all that area.

Thank you for the lead.
for some reason the link won't post. it's
Wow! what a resource.




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