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The show 'The Bloody Tale of Little Red and Wolfie' begins four weeks tomorrow. everything was going well until I realised I had no idea what a wolf hunts. This is crucial because I'm having some dolls made to re-inact a big scene between Wolfie and a.... What?

So do wolves eat deer or bison or elks or what? Where would i get some photos or footage of wolves hunting their prey?

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Try contacting the Lobo Park in Andalucia.
Thanks Kevin, i've just checked it out, there is some incredible pictures there. Definetly gives me something to think about...
My pleasure.
Wolves are typically the top of the food chain, the "apex predator," so yes, they'll eat bison, deer, elk, even moose-- whatever is around. They will also eat smaller prey such as rabbits if the opportunity presents itself. In Western Canada and Alaska, they've been known to eat salmon, too.

Here's a National Geographic documentary on wolves, via YouTube:




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