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Has anyone from Europe got a report on what happened at FEST this year please? Be really interested to hear what was talked about, decided on etc etc.


Many thanks.

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Dear Kevin,


I would be interested, too, as I am half-time in Munich, and half-time in Seattle,and belong to storytelling guilds both places.

If you did hear from someone in the last two months, could you let me know what was reported?


Thanks, Judith Alexander

Hi Judith...thanks for the reply....I was beginning to give up hope of life out there??!!

I have not heard too much about FEST apart from what has come through my own organisation, Society for Storytelling. It seems that they spent nearly all the time trying to sort themselves out constitution wise and systems wise. I wonder if they are going to turn themselves into a society that one can join rather than just know about? Does that make sence? I still am not sure how one gets to the FEST annual meetings, you get different answers from different folk. I do know they had a great time though.

Good to hear about someone else with a foot in Europe. I have just moved back to live full-time in Spain...I am English ...and am trying to build up my story contacts here again. But "El crisis" has hit Spain badly.

Hope life is good for you?


Take care


Hi Judith.


I have just come across the website for may already have it of course. I believe there is a reprt of their Conference.


Hope it is of interest?


Hi, Kevin,

In my browser, the info is from 2010. Do you see info from 2011?

Thanks for keeping me updated, Judith





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