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Getting Ready for My First Large Scale Performance!

Hello Everyone,

I am just starting out doing story times at my library.  I have been doing them since September of last year.  So far, my story times are a HUGE success and I am shocked!  I expected maybe a few kids, but almost right away, I had over 20 kids!  Then we had to split it up into two days.  I'm still getting kids on the waiting list!  I think the kids are really attracted to the music that I do.  I play the ukulele.  I never do a story that lasts more than 5 minutes or so because our crowd has a lot of toddlers in it.

Over the summer, our library usually has performers come in from outside.  However, our budget was cut severly this year.  I am going to do one of the summer performances this year.  The crowd is expected to be 100 plus kids.  I think the age group will have more older kids than I have been working with so far.

Who will help me out in getting started thinking about this?


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Hey Daniel,

Thanks for your encouragement.





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