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I have been looking for new venues to tell Ghost Stories this year. I have found some nice places, and I hope they respond to my ads.
Do you know of any Halloween/Ghost/Pumpkin/ Fall Festivals looking for Storytellers? (or that use storytelling in them) Please share so we all can benefit from the experience.
Keep telling “spooky” stories.
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Most of the potential "gigs" here seem to be smaller, private, and more random. The big celebrations do not use storytellers per se, but focus more on local characters from cable and TV, storytellers who are more theaterical (hopping around madly on stage in a bizarre costume,etc.) , or from paranormal groups telling 'tales' of their investigations. Enid, Ok is possibly planning a renewal of their "Scare on the Square".
I think we need to show these events that think a celebs are better then pros, what we can do. Go and get them. Entertain them or just scare the H*^% out of them. Then if they still want the weatherman so be it.
I'm telling stories on the Ghost Bus to and from "Terror Behind the Walls" at historic Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. Rated America's No. 1 Haunted House. Good luck in your search.
That is so cool.
We have changed our festival from summer to Winter and this winter we are going to have a festival with teh theme of darkness and ghoststories and Greenland travels over the ice on Moesgaard Storytelling festival in Denmark.. Its going to be a lovely weekend with around 30 storytellers..
Let us know how it goes. It sounds great.
Ghosts stories are my speciality. I tell them thru out the year, but for halloween, I'll be telling stories on three bus tours in Ireland and in schools and libraries - and fingers crossed - the local museum. I've also told them in heritage centres and my local pub. My favourite location is my local pub. My suggestion is find a good local pub, with the lights turned down, candles lit and the fire roaring...
Last time I mixed Ghost Stories with Drinks, I had a interesting situation happen. It was funny at first, then turned really scary. Sounds like you have a better group.
Our Storytelling group in Meridian, Ms is called Tall Tales & Recollections our 1st Festival will be October 24, 2009, We are having a full day of perfomances, and that night we are gathering for Ghost/spooky stories at about 7pm.
Sounds like fun. Wish I could be there.
Storytours, a group started by one of our own Utah tellers, Kristen Clay, uses buses in both Ogden and Salt Lake City to take tours around and tell ghost stories that have taken place in those cities. We interview people and retell their paranormal experiences. We do this during the entire month of October, on weekends, and are available on a reservation basis all year, as people are interested. It has kept me quite busy this month and is great fun! I have also picked up lots of new stories from people who take our tour. Maybe that is something you could start in your area?
I Love Ghost Tours. I wish I could come down every year and take a new tour.
I can't start a tour here because, I can't find anyone who will tell me a ghost story. (see my post on the Ghost Stories Group) It is sad but true.




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