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I have just been asked to do a Halloween Show for Pre-Schoolers. PRE-SCHOOLERS! I don't have any Halloween shows appropriate for Pre-Schoolers. It took me a year to find enough stories I liked to tell Halloween Stories for Elementary kids.

Can any one help me? Please send me stories that are both Halloween and Pre-School. PLEASE.

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There is always The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything.  It lends itself to lots of audience participation as the kids chant along with the story and it is very easily retold. It can be found on Amazon. I make stick puppets for each of the scarecrow body parts.  For the ending of the story, I use a much larger version of a scarecrow stick puppet, made from poster board and a paint stirring stick.

By checking, (a teacher website) you can find lots of stories, songs, and fingerplays that you can use to encourage audience participation.... which is mandatory for the preschool set.  Good luck~

Thank you very much.
Hey, Patricia, I finally had a chance to go to the link you recommended and wonder if it's a typo.  It sounded like a site I'd want to visit.  The link you sent took me to a wine blog.  Yes, I enjoy wine, but doubt that's what you meant to recommend.

I often use a lovely Persian tale called the Pumpkin Girl. It's totally appropriate from a seasonal point of view here in the UK. There isn't anything scary about it but it always goes down well. If you need pointing in the direction of references or storybones I should be able to help later today if you get back to me.


Otherwise I find anything that contains spiders goes down well. Nobody, about from me it seems, likes spiders but there are so many sweet stories. A particular favourite is a Japanese one from "Japanese Children's Favorite Stories ISBN 0-8048-0284-X called the Spider Weaver.


Hope this helps 


Thanks. I think I know where I can find a copy of both of these stories. Great idea.
Just a thought... there is a book by Dianne De Las Casas  that is pure magic... it is called Scared Silly.  It is a marvelous resource for either "scared" or "silly".... or both!
I should have thought of that book. Thanks for the reminder.
Yikes! I didn't mean to send anyone to wine tasting country! But, if you type, you end up with a teaching website with a large variety of teaching themes and units that could keep you busy for days looking up links to songs, stories, and activites as well as the variety that is listed on that website alone.  The majority of the activities are tailor-made for pre-k through third grade, though and may not translate as well for our older friends.
Thanks, Patricia!  I figured it was a typo.  Just bookmarked the site as a spot I'll check when putting a theme together.




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