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I'm telling stories at a bakery, and I need one more story about cookies. Can anyone halp me?


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Trust you have a version of Gingerbread Man.

What about the Hodja tale where Timur (Tamerlaine) makes the Hodja his new tax collector -- the old 1 had to eat his receipts since they were not satisfactory -- Hodja has his wife make thin cookie dough & writes his records on them so they are better than eating paper.

Think back to your childhood and might there be a reminiscence of some time that included cookies?  Christmas cookies and cookie walks are big at this time of year.

Check the internet for facts like this one: the chocolate chip cookie in 1997 was made the official state cookie of Massachusetts.

How soon will you be doing the program? 

I can prowl a bit further if there is time. 


The bakery is promoting it's new gingerbread man cookies with the storytelling. I will look into the cookie receipts story, sounds like fun.

The show is Monday. Kneaders Bakeries in Utah.

Thanks again

Hey, Daniel, I've been slow on this, but now I see you only (k)neaded -- sorry, can't resist a pun -- 1 more.  Do you know the story of the Baker's Dozen?  Heather Forest did a picture book version of the story and Pleasant DeSpain includes it in his very brief tellings in the Twenty-Two Splendid Tales to Tell from Around the World, vol. 2 (pp. 71-74), and I bet there's a bit on the internet, too, if you just put in Baker's Dozen.  In 1 version St. Nicholas appears in a bakery and is given a dozen when he asks for a dozen.  St. N. warns him to be more generous.  In another it's an old lady who seems to put a curse on this baker and all he makes turns out wrong until he offers an extra gingerbread St. N. and from then on that's a Baker's Dozen.

There's also the Scottish tale about the Woman Who Flummoxed the Fairies.  When fairies kidnap a fabulous baker she says they must bring her the ingredients, then the utensils and other tools, then her purring cat and snoring dog because it helps her mixing rhythm, then she's too worried to bake properly w/o her husband and baby.  She whispers to him to step on cat's tail.  Cat yowls, dog barks, baby cries, husband shouts for dinner and fairies send her home because of the noise, but from that time on every week she leaves baked goods (o.k., just cookies) on the entrance to the fairy mound for them.  They pay her handsomely, but never again try to keep her a prisoner.

Have fun and think of me when you're eating the chocolate ones!

Thanks. I have the bakers dozen one, I like it.

I need to look up the other. It sounds like fun. I don't think I can have it by tomorrow night but... I'm always looking for a good story.





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