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Does anybody know how to convert a wav or mp3 into a mp2 file? Anybody? Please!

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Hi Daniel,

I'm definitely no techie when it comes to audio, so I hope you finally see some reply here from somebody more knowledgeable about this sort of thing.  I recently bought a Zune (mp3 for Windows, as opposed to an iPod since I'm no fan of Apple) & when I tried to download some m4a music sent by my belly dancing teacher I would get an error message saying I couldn't open it & needed an association created for it in the Folder Options control panel.  That was gobbledygook to me.  Did an online search & would have believed it was iTunes protected & that I was out of luck, but I knew other students had downloaded it. 


Finally called BestBuy's 1-800-GeekSquad (they didn't ask, but I did buy my Zune there) & was told everything I needed to know & now have it downloaded & can hear it.  You're in Idaho, so an 800 # is possible.  I recommend giving them a call.  PC World magazine recently did a test of stores to see who gave good information & rated them highly, unlike other stores they checked.  In the store, outside of the GeekSquad, I've found it always depends on if you get somebody answering within their area of expertise, but still the fact that they're not on commission to sell to you helps.


Good luck!

Ask a Geek, Why didn't I think of that?


Thanks. Good program.




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