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Come on People! Do you want to sell your books and CDs or not! I'm asking PLEASE, post your published works on Storytellers' CDs and Books. It's a Group right here on this site. Self Promotion is not shameless, it's how you get thing done. Tell me the title, publisher, and content of your publications so I can find them and buy them. I can't buy them If I don't know them. I can't even search for them, because I don't know they exist. POST PLEASE!
Daniel Bishop, the Storyteller

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No books Daniel, but I posted my new CDs.
Thanks. I look forward to hearing them.
Good Daniel! And when you post folks, post where to buy information, too. If you don't have a "where to buy" yet such as Amazon or CDBaby or Itunes, then get yourself to Paypal and get your self some links for your website.

CD's sitting in your closet are useless :-)
Sean your right. CDs in the closet are bad. CDs in my Stereo are good.
I'm sure that many folks are concerned to post their works on the internet for fear someone will lay claim to it. Like the very website you post it on.
I'm not asking people to wright out there stories on the web, just tell us where we can buy thier published works.
I love the sound of those words......"Published Works", where do they come from?
Okay Okay... I will post them tonight... lol or sometime... soon. Please feel free to go to my website and click on my story store (upper right hand corner) and you can buy all of my products right there, even use your credit card.

Or you can go to or or anyone of 65 or so digital outlets online.

At my story store... I have CDs, books, products of interests to tellers and listeners alike. check it out
Going now to post mine :)




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