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In mid March, I am doing a storytelling workshop for youth ages 5 - 12, so have a mixed group. I am looking for storytelling 'activities or games' for kids ages 5-7. Theme is Japan, so also looking for Japanese folktales...tales should be 'easy learning' for ages 5-7. Anyone have any suggestions?

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When I did a similar themed day I typed in "Japanese stories" into the net and got some great stories. The Tongue Cut Sparrow etc. Have fun. Stories on fans are a nice idea too as the children can make their own fans and draw a story on it.
as to activities, it is useful to offer small groups a story to work with (i like the Hatmaker's New Year as one example) - different story for each group - and then they read it aloud to their small group, tell it around the circle, and present a tableau vivante to the large group which illustrates the story




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