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Hi everyone...what great site this is?!!
I am an english speaking storyteller with ten years professional experience in the storytelling world. Four years ago I moved out to Spain and now only work occasionally when I an fortunate to obtain contracts back in the UK (I am finding becoming fluent enough in Spanish very difficult...old dogs/tricks etc!). I would love to spread my wings and look for International (paid!) work. Can anyone suggest ideas of how I can go about searching out such work? Is it mainly through word of mouth? Are there websites I can view?...conferences etc?
Many thanks in anticipation!!

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Hi Yah! You get around doncha me luvvie! This is a good place to make contacts and get advice! good luck ( or do we say break a leg?)

Kevin, are you a member of the National Storytelling Network? NSN has a Discussion Group of storytellers who work internationally -- a very active and responsive and helpful group -- who could give you good advice. The web site is, and you'll find the Discussion Groups under "About NSN" and "Special Interest Groups."

Good luck!

Jo Radner
Thanks for that Jo...what an interesting site. It is very similar to the >Uk Society for Storytelling which I belong to. I shall certainly give it some thought as to whether to join or not. Again, many thanks.
Good Question. Be sure to share the answer when you find out.
Will do Daniel...thanks for your interest.
The US state department has internatioanl english speaking schools - look on there website.
Also the UN has a list of internaitonla schools relating to capitols of countries and the US pentagon has a list of schools located on US military bases around Europe and the world.

Eric Wolf Storyteller




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