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Fellow Tellers,

I'm thrilled to offer all storytellers the opportunity to sell their high-quality audio recordings on

Let me tickle you with some of the benefits.

First off, the site is built by one of the most reputable names in the web design business: Lightmaker. Lightmaker's portfolio includes J.K.Rowling, the Harry Potter movies and games, BMW USA, Disney Interactive, and Hannah Montana, to name a few. Check out to browse their portfolio.

Second, unlike other sites sliding you 5%, 25% or even 35% of the sales, TheStoryChest awards artists 50% for each of their tales sold.

Third, artists set their own price per tale, and maintain creative control of their information. Once you create an account and upload your tales, you can update your information any time. Add new tales. Update your bio. Include awards or education you've earned.

Fourth, you can offer special promotions. Want to promote a new tale? Or entice listeners to buy your latest CD? Just alert the site manager (that's me) and I'll plug in a code. You set the discount, the beginning and ending dates, and even the actual promo code (or I will, and send it to you) and I'll plug it in for you.

TheStoryChest is a family-friendly site devoted to the art of storytelling, and to storytelling artists. Because of this, we cater to the users--your customers. Just browse TheStoryChest and see for yourself. As a bonus for checking it out, and to demonstrate some of the site's features, I'm offering everyone a free tale: Why Spider has a Thin Waist. Just add the tale and use the promo code "spider1" (without quotations) when you checkout.

Happy Telling! And please bombard me with questions!


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