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Yes, I've had one for 7 years. Paid for itself in about one year's time.
Great! What kind of equipment do you use?
Aleis boards, MMX Microphones, Behring board, JKAudio patch.
Is the mic an MXL like a Marshel, or is it an MMX as in one more mic I have not heard of? There are too many microphones out there. Are they dynamic or diaphragm? Behinger is good I think. People "snobs" like to poo poo them, but I have heard great reviews on them. Is the Aleis fire wire or usb? The patch? Heard the name from the pro's, or what I call pro's. I know that a lot of voice over artist use the M audio box. How are they different?
My error, it is MXL.

MXL is a brand of microphones, most of which are more than adequate for the average storytelling recording.
Hi John,

There's an excellent discussion about recording at home on this site. Type "Obstacles to Recording" into the Search box in the top RH corner.

Is it time? Of course! Even if you decide to go with a studio + professional engineer for final product, I've found that recording and listening back at home has improved my delivery enormously. Perfecting speech can be a boon before moving onto video feedback, as well. Then you don't have both visuals and audio to contend with at once.

When I contract out for performances, I always refer the potential employer to my uploaded sound clips.

Ah, to hear ourselves as others hear us :-D





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