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Is there storytelling repertoire software out there? Someone willing to create it?

There are many database software programs out there to organize contacts. I wondered if there was a specific software out there for storytellers?

When I have my binders with notes on my repertoire, I lovingly call it "Story Storage". What if we had our own GoldMine or Access program that was developed specifically for storytellers in mind?

I have attempted to use Excel to see if it could do what I would want it to do.

For example, I would like to filter by country, culture, and themes. I imagine each form to be two pages so that when printed in hard copy form, then I could put the first and second pages within a plastic sheet and then put in my binder.

Then I would have the benefit of the search possibilities through the computer but I would also have the choice to print hard copy.

If someone has the skills to create this database, I would like to work with you. Or do you know someone who has the skills?

Do you have a "Story Storage" form(s) that works for you?

I have filled over three 3" binders on outlines of stories in my repertoire. I must have a better system.

Thank you!

Until we tell again,

Rachel Hedman
(801) 870-5799

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Now that I think about this, the software could include more than a repertoire feature. It could include customizable forms that we--as working artists--use everyday.

For example, there could be the invoice, service agreement, thank you letter.

You could insert your logo where needed.


It could even expand to work beyond us storytellers. I could work for any artist that has a repertoire like musicians.

Let's dream the big dream and put out our wish list of what we would want the software to do for us!

Of course, if it already exists somewhere. . .great!

Until we tell again,

Rachel Hedman
(801) 870-5799
Rachel. As you can see I'm not all that organized myself, and would love to find something out there to fill the basic needs you mentioned. Please update asap if you've uncovered anything.
Thanks, Denis
Great idea and inovative.........if you come across any such I would like to know...good idea for a developer to do... copyright it if there isn't one... creative solutions!! You should do it if there isn't any such! *smiles*
did you connect with Mark out here in AZ?
do not know Mark in Az. Is this some one I should contact?
I'm sorry, Denis. I was unclear. I had referred Rachel to a gentelman here in AZ who might be able to create this process with her. My note should have gone directly to her and not caused confusion here on the board. I apologize.
No worries, mate.
I have an index book divided by category such as animal or moral, historical. Stories are listed in all categories that apply and asterix by the category that it is filed under in my file drawer. When I need something I can scan the book or reach for a full file by subject such as ghost stories, train stories, food stories. So far it has been working for me. I have about 250 stories in note form in the file. I often go online to find a particular story to fit a request but my foundation of stories is there and growing. I can see where on line would help but for now Im staying paper the computer isnt in my office and is family shared so I can access my stuff without waiting up in the office. Being able to categorize and file stories by book they are in and shelf stored on would help too. How often Ive pulled several books looking for something I half recall. Eventually I will have a lap top up in my office and then the electronic would be awesome keep working on it Rachel.
I think researchers in folklore must have databases to classify and compare folktales by plot, characters, place where story was collected, cultural background of the source teller, etc. Try asking at university departments of folklore?
Aside from the usual online searches, be sure to visit the SOS portion of fellow storyteller & Ning member, Jackie Baldwin at . This is searchable by topic as well as great to browse. It originated with suggestions from the international email list, STORYTELL.

Beyond that, Margaret Read MacDonald's two editions of Storyteller's Sourcebook are great for the sort of classification Coilin & Carolyn mention, giving more detail than the mere author/title/subject info of the various editions of Index to Fairy Tales that span the 20th century. MacDonald is a great folklorist & mentions other more specialized international indices.

Beyond the usual spreadsheet programs, personally I'm a big fan of something that started as a free accessory in the early days of Windows, called Cardfile & now is improved as shareware called AZZ Cardfile . It can index & catalog your individual stories or my roughly 1500 folklore anthologies where I note specific stories, or story categories like spooky tales, train stories, etc, or specific countries, ethnic groups, animals, whatever! In addition it can serve as personal organizer, contact manager, address book, rolodex, personal information manager (PIM) or small database software. You customize it to do what you want it to do. All of this for under $30 U.S.

Happy organizing & searching!
Find Yoel Peretz on this Ning - he should know.
Mark Goldman has released his in initial Beta form at




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