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Is there storytelling repertoire software out there? Someone willing to create it?

There are many database software programs out there to organize contacts. I wondered if there was a specific software out there for storytellers?

When I have my binders with notes on my repertoire, I lovingly call it "Story Storage". What if we had our own GoldMine or Access program that was developed specifically for storytellers in mind?

I have attempted to use Excel to see if it could do what I would want it to do.

For example, I would like to filter by country, culture, and themes. I imagine each form to be two pages so that when printed in hard copy form, then I could put the first and second pages within a plastic sheet and then put in my binder.

Then I would have the benefit of the search possibilities through the computer but I would also have the choice to print hard copy.

If someone has the skills to create this database, I would like to work with you. Or do you know someone who has the skills?

Do you have a "Story Storage" form(s) that works for you?

I have filled over three 3" binders on outlines of stories in my repertoire. I must have a better system.

Thank you!

Until we tell again,

Rachel Hedman
(801) 870-5799

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Just signed up for Mark's database and I already think it wonderful. If only it had been available when I started telling, I would be so much more organised! Thanks for alerting us to it Sean.


Excellent! Mark's a good guy and has much to offer the storytelling world!




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