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Last call: Fringe Performance Opportunity, National Storytelling Network Conference 2010 (Los Angeles, California)

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Fringe Performance Opportunity

NSN Conference – July 29 - August 1, 2010

Los Angeles, California

The Fringe @ the NSN is back for its 5th Season!

Explore the limits of storytelling at the National Storytelling Conference.

Want to present 55 minutes of your most compelling, riskiest, experimental or work in progress storytelling? How about a mini-fringe event with you and a friend in a pair of shorter performances? Just think of the possibilities: 55 minutes of folktales, autobiography, performance art, stand-up, puppetry, dance or your favorite long form story!

What is the Fringe? The NSN Conference Fringe follows the Fringe Festival model giving artists freedom to create and audiences "the ability to decide for themselves the truly great productions from the good, the bad and the gloriously disastrous." In keeping with the Fringe principle of an un-juried selection process, Fringe performers for the 2010 National Storytelling Network Conference will be selected by lottery at the 2009 National Storytelling Festival.

Growing networks of performance venues all over the world have adopted this model and many storytellers are taking advantage of these venues to reach new audiences. The Conference Fringe encourages more storytellers to participate in American and Canadian Fringe Festivals by providing the opportunity for you to experience many aspects of a typical Fringe Festival including the selection process and performance framework.

Deadline: September 15, 2009

NSN Fringe Lottery and Eligibility Information at:

Or contact Steven Henegar at

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Hi Tim
I am thinking of putting a couple of proposals in for next year. Can you give me some idea of how much it costs to attend the conference? I can't find any prices.
Is there any way for applying for funding? I am an english speaking teller now living in Spain.
Many thanks.
in the past, the national conference has been roughly $100 per day, not including meals and lodging. Workshop presenters get a discount (Fringe performers do not). Prices may vary based on the cost of living in the host city: I expect Los Angeles will be more expensive than the 2008 conference held in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Conferences typically last three days, sometimes there is a 4th pre-conference day.

If I recall correctly, there are scholarships only for young artists, not for international travelers. However, if the conference is held in Salt Lake City in 2012, word is going around that they want to encourage international presenters attend, so there might be funding available then.
Thanks for that Tim.
Certainly would be an exciting experience to attend.
Just to clarify:
the conference's workshops are juried. Applicants' proposals for workshops, panel discussions, and intensives are reviewed and vetted. The conference's concerts are also juried.

However, the conference sets aside these unjuried Fringe performance slots so that anyone can have a chance to tell stories at this conference. These performers are selected by lottery. If your name is drawn, you have to agree to register for the entire conference in order to hold your slot.

55 minutes of stage time at a national conference of storytellers:why would you not through your name in the ring?




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