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I've been noticing around here that several houses have decided to put Christmas lights on a bicycle. This makes me curious. Surely there is a story behind this. Perhaps there is a wide spread practice of doing this that I've previously been unaware. So does anyone know the story behind the practice?

If not, would you like to make one up?

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Hi Lisa,

I'm not sure if I understand. Are the bicycles stationary and part of a Nativity scene? Now that would be very weird. Mary on a mountain bike. I like the donkey thing much better. It's romantic. I do not want Jesus born in a bike shed. Too post-industrial.

Or, are people in your neighborhood riding around on bikes covered with Christmas lights? This is almost as weird. Yes, it is still warm and dry enough here in Vancouver for cyclists to be everywhere. Where do you live?

But how would you keep the lights, lit? Would peddling keep a generator going? We do have a BC Christmas parade tradition of the truckers decorating their rigs with lights. Not bicycles, though.

It is a puzzle. I had so much to do tonight. Instead, I am pondering your post.
LOL! I'm glad to help you get distracted! No, the bikes are propped up against a house with outside Christmas lights strung on them. They are not part of a nativity scene no one is riding them either. There MUST be a story behind this.
Have you asked your neighbors? It wouldn't be a bad idea for interviews. Pick a warmer evening and take a stroll. Remember to report back here. Curious minds want to know too.
If I get the time I will ask. These are not my neighbors but they are in my general area. So far, while passing by, none of them have looked to be home.
I personally put lights on one of my bike frames. I cant really say that I have a reason other then I really like to ride bicycles. I even also seen reindeer bicycles, Santa's sleigh bicycles/trailers and bike parts as ornaments. Bicycles are really just that great. :D

really though, if you have seen them on moving bikes its a festive decoration that can save your life.

I suspect that is the reason that they just like riding bikes.




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