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When I was looking for a good, priced right, mic to do home recording, someone steered me in the right direction. And I'll plug it here in hopes to save someone research time. For the money you can't beat the MXL 5 or 6. 
Now I need some suggestions for mics and amps for doing live gigs where vocal is more important than instrument. Currently looking at the Peavey 15 as it is in my price range. But am seeking more experienced advise.

Thanks Much, oh, yeah and I am also still looking for a roommate for the NSN conference.

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Denis - I have 2 Amplivox amps - one is the Amplivox S222-Audio Buddy PA System - Wired - that we will sell for $200. So our loss is going to be someone's gain. Check out the info on the system:
Amplivox S222 Audio Portable Buddy
For audiences up to 1,000 people in a 10,000 square ft. room. UL Listed. Built-in 50W amplifier with 6 x 8 Jensen design speaker. Built-in 4-lb., rugged carrying case with handle and shoulder strap. The perfect companion for LCD computer projectors. Includes computer and LCD projector cables, as well as handheld mic, computer and multimedia projector cables. Amp has four mic inputs (two wireless, two wired), auxiliary input jack with separate tone/volume controls for CD player, music or television. Made in U.S.A. 13w x 3-1/2d x 10h. Ten D-cell batteries provide up to 200 hours of talk time.
For audiences up to 1,000 people in a 10,000 square ft. room.
50W of crisp, clear sound.
Professional wired microphone.
Rugged, highly-portable design.
Multiple line in/line out jacks.
Thanks for the info. Sounds like this is worth further investigation. However, how does this system work for outdoor, open space events? That is my current crucial need.
Tks., Den
This is a url for Amplivox:

If you are interested in the wired set we have let me know.




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