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I have an idea.

I’ve been wondering how I can show my support and appreciation to NSN without getting embroiled in the hubbub of recient months.

If people, members or not had a way to let each other know their sentiment and join in some small way – a way that would benefit NSN and to show strength and unity among the membership  - would people be interested?

 I see a full page in the July/August NSN Storytelling Magazine with a heading - “Growing Stronger Through Stories” (or another positive message).

Below I see the names of 100 tellers who have contributed $10 each toward the purchase of the magazine space. 100% of the funds raised would go directly to NSN.Our names listed as symbols of what storytelling means to each of us. Maybe we would need more than one page. Maybe a state, region, SIG or guild would want their own space. All proceeds going to NSN.

 If this idea is something that interests you – if you have questions or if you would like to help organize a group, region or state, please contact me.

 I have run this idea by a few people on the inside; board members and magazine personal. It gets an agreeable nod all around.

 That’s my idea.

I've been at it less than a month and we are more than half way there. The deadline is May 10.

 What do you think?

 Mij Byram

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Mij, I'm in!  Let me know where to send my $10 and I'll put it in the mail.  Thanks for this great idea!

Jo Radner

info is on it's way check you email

This really is a win/win for any of us contributing as it's a donation to an organization that does so much for storytelling whether we make the amount for the ad or not or go over the amount needed.  NSN gets extra money at a time when the "hubbub" Mij mentioned will probably require it.

I've already received my receipt for my donation.  (BTW there's no reason why you can't send more than $10.)




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