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I have hit an interesting wall in my current project. The title of the project is "Dig into Storytelling." It has been designed for the Library Summer Reading program. It is all about getting dirty, mucky, wash behind your ears kind of stories. It has been fun but...
I'm about 15ish minutes short. I need stories about getting dirty but don't try to Google that. You get... well you can guess. Can you help me? Do any of you have "Dirty Stories"?
Any and all help will be appreciated.

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Hi Daniel,

I don't know if this will help you or not as I took a different aspect of the theme -- digging for buried treasure in the 398s.  Peddlar of Swaffham or pirate stories are perfectly dirty along the way and certainly right before getting the treasure dug up.  I could go into a bit more detail, but want to be sure it's helpful to you.




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