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Hello Storytellers,

as many of you I too received Dianne's email re closing the website; it would be a loss. Instead of closing down or living life on the edge of donations, I would like to suggest we take professional responsibility - as many members on comparable professional websites do - and pay a user fee. If we are nearly 2000 strong, it shouldn't be hard to raise the $500 needed to cover cost and be able to offer a financial acknowledgement to someone willing to shoulder the task of keeping the site going. Money, to me, is 'transformed will'. I'm willing to pay $50 AUS a year. Any takers?

Happy tales,


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I agree, Iris, and know the Puppeteers version, PuppetHub, went to a membership open only to paid members. 

This would reduce our membership here, but those of us who stay would continue to receive publicity through our participation and pages here, as well as access to a network of fellow storytellers.

I belong to the storytellers section on Facebook and frankly find it too hard to create the kind of discussions possible here.  Continuity gives way to short attention conversation bits.

Thanks Lois.

I agree that we should step up and make a commitment - and preferably not just for a year, but for a minimum of 3 years, so that there is a sense of looking to the future and not just a hand-to-mouth month-to-month. It's only when you lose something (like your mobile phone with all its contacts) that you realise what you've lost (Oh heck, why didn't I back it up?)


Cheers Roger - I meant $50 per annum not a $50 commitment restricted to one year. And I agree with your minimum of three years ... and I refuse to have a mobile phone ; )

Roger, thank you for your words. I appreciate that you appreciate the value of this network.

Iris, et al., 

Thank you for your concern and love of Professional Storyteller. I am pleased to inform you that PS now has an angel investor and will remain open. After the details are worked out, the news will be made official next week.

Happy Tales,

Dianne de Las Casas

Founder, Professional Storyteller

There are wonderful people in the world!

Thank again Dianne for all your work, commitment and grace,

Best wishes for your storytelling,


Even though I've used this site only a little, I value it A LOT and would not hesitate to pay something for its continuity. It was one of the first, online dwelling places that I found---that found me...much the same way you can have that once-in-a-while-and-once-upon-an-amazing-moment-time of being greeted with the familiar surprise of enchantment...a yarn for spinning follows me through the forest of the otherwise untold and mundane...I can look alongside myself and thank the creative cat, unraveling the timeless twine with its tales of  joy and hope and beauty and magic that one would not readily see. I hope there will be a way to re-organize and continue. 'don't throw the baby out with the bathwater' K?




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