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I have to play an "old miner" who tells scary stories this Halloween. Any ideas for inspiration? Reference? The location has an old concrete mine and I think my character is just an old geezer still living down there and "ain't seen anyone 'cept my mule in 50 years" or something...

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To my mind, an old hermit wouldn't have a repertoire of traditional ghost stories, or even have paranormal experiences to share. Rather, I suspect that as a loner and recluse, he might take great delight in "pulling the legs" of people he does meet, with the aim of getting them to jump. So maybe some combination of tall tales and jump stories ("Whooo's Got my Golden Arm?????").
Also, Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado" comes to mind.
This is great! Thanks Tim.
Do you have a good list of "jump stories?" I'm looking for some new, or less told one.
I like the jump ideas from Tim. If you want to contrast that with a real poignant moment, you might take the ballad/poem Sully's Pail (in my head via Tom Paxton) and give Sully a ghostly presence in the mine you are in.
this link has his lyrics
though I believe it is from an earlier source
kat, loved the Sully's pail story. I am going to do it today. Will post pics of me in my ancient minors costume.
Thanks. will be glad to hear if it works as a story, I only know it in the song form. Costume sounds fun - I've never tried costumed telling, though I spent years pretending to be various tolkienesque characters in fantasy re-enactment so it seems like a natural possibility!
You need to googal "The Mammi R mine" and "The Lost Lemon Mine". Scary, semi-documented, haunted mines of the western expantion. I get good reactions from them.
Good haunting
I wonder if you know the "All or Nothing" story? The "legend" I know is from south Texas, but probably told about many caves, abandoned mines, etc.

Cesario comes upon a cave, goes inside, finds treasure chest filled with gold nuggets, starts to fill pockets when a voice says "All or Nothing." Tries to leave cave with just what he can carry, but door slams down. Returns gold, door reopens. Leaves, but marks cave by hanging his shirt over a nearby cactus. Returns with burro and cart, but cannot find cave, shirt, nothing. Looks all day, then stops by bar on his way home, tells his story, people laugh, but when he pulls out his pockets to find a few coins to pay the bartender, everyone sees that his pockets are lined with gold dust. No one has ever found the cave; maybe you can!
I like this. Thank you for posting it. I think I'll look it up.




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