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On Friday the 8th, was founded AEDA, Professionals Association of Storytellers in Spain. It was the culmination of a task that began in August. On the way there have been many meetings, the development of a framework document, the discussion of the various proposals and positions, the work continued through the Internet, making the instance of application for membership to all professionals who want to be founding partners and, finally, the foundation of the association.

The first board of this organization, released yesterday elected, is as follows:

-Chair: Virginia Imaz
-Vice President: Ana Griotte
-Secretary: Felix Albo
-Treasurer: Carmen Fernandez (Legolas)
-Vocal: Carlos Alba
-Vocals: Cristina Verbena

Other founding members:
- Iñaki Carretero
- Eugenia Manzanera
- Victoria Gullón
- Charo Pita
- Soledad Felloza
- Pep Bruno
- Ana Rodriguez
- Mercedes Carrion
- Imma Ruiz (Pinticomina)
- Mario S. Caballero
- Ignacio Sanz
- Carles García Domingo

According to the statutes approved the objectives of the partnership will,:

-Promoting, improving and storytelling in any language spoken within the different linguistic communities of Spain.
-Giving the job and find a common voice.
-Promote the collection and compilation of documents about the craft of storytelling.
-Create areas of reflection and research on trade and promote the training of professionals in the narrative.
-Maintain partnerships and dialogue with other disciplines, performing arts, festivals, tours, publications, media and other groups (universities, research professionals and literature ...).
-Disclose and report on issues relating to the professional activity of oral narration and their working conditions.
-To dignify, prestige and improve the image of the living word and its professionals.

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Good luck with this Carles. I am a storyteller living in Andalucia. I tell in english but would love to be part of the group if possible. I have just joined Red Internacional de Cuentacuentos. I am also working with a group of teachers in Cordoba encouraging them to use storytelling in their teaching of english (March 10th). Also a couple of performances booked at a space in Marbella.(March and April)
all the very best for AEDA's creation and developments and perspectives! Bravo!
Best thoughts
SAN is happy for AEDA, and we will be looking at your platform for potential storytellers.
Also, when our parent website launches than it will be obvious what else we will be needing.

Befriend us at:

Thank you very much for your support. We meet in the way of the word. Sure. Carles. AEDA
Congratulations on creating this wonderful organization! I was planning on visiting Spain this summer (I lived in Rota as a child). If I do make it to Spain, I will let you know so that I can connect with members of your group.

Dianne de Las Casas
Founder of Professional Storyteller
Thanks for your words. If you come to Spain, will be happy to talk and share a coffee. Remember Guadalajara Marathon in June. It is the best time to come. Carles AEDA
Hi Morgan
I am an english speaking teller living in Spain. Have a look at www.cuentacuentos.ew that lists most of the major festivals etc in Spain.
Thank you very much for your good wishes. The best time is in June, he performed the most important festival in Spain. It is in Guadalajara, half an hour from Madrid. Carles. AEDA
The website of the Festival of Guadalajara, but this only in Spanish. Attending storytellers from various countries and is being told for 48 hours, in various places. Carles. AEDA
Felicidades! Esto es emocionante!
Estimado Carles

Me alegro a ver el trabajo y colaboración de vuetra comunidad de profesionales. Poco a poco cada país empieza a construir un red de voces, una harmonía de integridad sobre los cuentos, su pasado y su futuro. ojála que AEDA tenga una vida larga llena de aventuras de palabras y cuentos.
tu amiga irlandesa
Clare Muireann Murphy

Dearest Carles
I am so happy to see the culmination of such work and collabroation amongst the storytelling community in Spain. Little by little each country begins to construct a network of voices, a harmony of itnegrity about storytelling; its past and its future. may AEDA have a ong life full of adventures in words and stories.
your irish friend
Clare Muireann Murphy
Mil gracias por tus palabras. Creo que este es un proceso imparable, todo conduce a la profesionalización de este oficio de la palabra. Los narradores que nos hemos integrado en este proyecto vamos a poner toda nuestra ilusión en vertebrar un oficio digno y de calidad.

Thanks for your words. I think this is an unstoppable process all lead to the professionalization of this occupation. The storytellers that we have built into this project we will put all our hope in structuring a decent job and quality.




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