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Dear friends,

I have a gig at a local elementary school in a few weeks and they have asked if I would relate some stories to the theme of their assembly: health, excercise, anti-smoking.


 I would appreciate any and suggestions!


Many thanks,


Charlie Temple

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Back in mid-December I mentioned  as a resource that continues to be worth searching even though no further additions will be made to it.  Use the site search box and try one at a time the various topics you might be willing to use in your program.  A lot of those topics will only be in things like copyrighted picture books, but some things should still pop up which you may be able to use with a bit of creativity.  Smoking, for example, is probably not going to have a folktale, but the old story about carrying a venomous snake across the water only to have it turn on its rescuer & bite him is certainly a vivid image of what smoking does.  It also might be touched upon if you use a story about negative peer pressure since many kids start smoking or drugs to fit in with others.

Two good suggestions! I hadn't thought of using the snake story, but that's an intriguing idea.


Vey kind of you. Many thanks.







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